Jordan Peterson is in controversy after his tweet on Elliot’s Page

Jordan Peterson’s Controversial Tweet About Elliot

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Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist from Canada, known for his men’s development activities, has declined to express any apologies or regret for his remarks about Elliot Page on Twitter, which led to his account being suspended.

The tweet by Jordan Peterson

On the 22nd of June, Dr. Jordan Peterson took to the social media platform Twitter and used the former name of the actor Elliot Page, he claimed that the surgery Elliot underwent to become a man was conducted by a physician who had a clear criminal past, this led to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s account being suspended by Twitter, Dr. Peterson is absolutely sure that he will be neither apologizing nor taking back his tweet, Dr. Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila tweeted about Elon Musk and how the platform wasn’t actually free when Accounts could be suspended as easily like that.


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Would die rather than take back tweet, says Dr. Jordan Peterson

In an interview with the national post, Dr. Jordan Peterson went on to say that he would prefer to die rather than delete his tweet, even if the temporary suspension turns out to be a ban, he would not take back what is being deemed as his offensive tweet, he went on to say how such social media platforms are run by fools who have created and implemented algorithms that make sure that the woke supremacy remains on the platform.

For Dr Peterson, this was the first time when his handle had been banned, he, however is very firm on his stand on not taking his words back and isn’t affected much about whether he will be allowed or not on the platform.


Twitters response to Dr Jordan Peterson’s tweet

Twitter had restricted Dr Peterson’s account, which means he cant like, share, tweet or retweet anything till the controversial tweet is deleted, Dr Peterson had reacted when the third season of Umbrella Academy changed the gender of the character of Elliot page.