Jojo Siwa’s clarification on her controversial remark on “Lesbian”. Tells about her feelings for the word

jojo siwa

Jojo Siwa gives her remark on her feelings for the word ‘Lesbian’. She issues clarification for the same. She faced backlashes as she didn’t use the word lesbian for her sexuality. 

Jojo Siwa tells what she feels about the word ‘Lesbian’

The reason behind it is that “Lesbian” is a bad word. She took the social media platform on 29th July 2022 to clarify all the rumors. She eliminated all the false allegations that were put against her. In which she described the word ‘Lesbian’ as a ‘bad’ feeling. 

She is a TikTok star, who is 19 years old and faced backlash. She commented that she is going through several comments, and she wants to make a few things crystal clear. She further said, she has never commented or stated that ‘lesbian’ is a dirty word. She also said I will never say it in the future also as it is not a dirty word. JoJo Siwa further added, This is not a bad word, it is not a garble, and also the word Lesbian is not what she is ashamed of saying or being identified at any means.


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She further said, whenever anyone has a conversation with her and questions about her sexuality then she clearly states that she is gay. She said that this word is not a usual word that flows without its meaning, hope you are getting what I mean. 

Why did JoJo Siwa face lots of criticism?

Jojo Siwa was criticized online by people after she commented that she doesn’t like to identify herself as a “Lesbian”. She further said that she doesn’t like the word lesbian, she also said that at the end of the day she is lesbian but just doesn’t like to be called that. She made another controversial interview where she stated that she can be a queer and a girly girl. She said that this is a correct thing as lesbian can often be related to the word masculine. Jojo Siwa further said, if you are a lesbian then you should be it, or do you wish to be a boy? This is not the correct case. There are multiple feminine lesbians out there in the world. 


One user said that Jojo Siwa, should be accountable for all her rhetorical remarks that she spread. More users commented that hoped so, she accepts her identity as lesbians.