Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tie a knot 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tie a knot 

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave the good news of being engaged this year (April). However, now they both have tied a knot. Jennifer and Ben got married on Saturday, 16th July 2022. They got married in Clark County, Nevada. Jennifer gave clarification about their covert marriage through her newspaper ‘OnTheJLo’.  

The 52 years old actress shared glimpses through photographs of herself and Ben in Clark County, the wedding location as per the information. As per our reports, both Jennifer and Ben shared their special moment with only quality of people, by keeping it private. They both are popularly given the name “Bennifer”. 

Jennifer poster multiple photographs and videos sharing their private moments of the wedding ceremony in the newsletter. The Gigli co-stars were together when from 2002-2004 both were engaged. They both went separate paths before coming together again in 2021. 

What were the statements given by Jennifer on her wedding with Ben?

Through Jennifer’s newspaper OnTheJLo, she gave a special summary of her special day. She also made links to her connection with Ben Affleck and the vast approximate 20 years gap present between them. 

According to a TMZ report from the beginning of June, Jennifer Lopez’s automobile was seen at the estate with numerous moving trucks. These stories at the time strongly implied that the couple will move in together, which hinted at an impending wedding ceremony.

She further wrote that their love succeeded, their love is lovely adding to that love is a thing of patience and she wrote twenty years of patience.  If you look at its newsletter Jennifer adopted her husband’s last name, Affleck. She also ended the post by writing Jennifer Lynn Affleck.    

Even though, their marriage was a shock for everyone, however, not that surprising because of the engagement news in April. They hinted about their being married as they just bought a mansion for $60 million.  

How do fans react to the information?

Twitter flooded with the news of both getting married spread widely. Others also trolled the couple for getting married after almost two decades. Others reacted in a more beautiful manner by giving blessings to the couple. Some wrote that they were shocked, and some were very happy. 

People wrote several comments, wishing to bless the new couple. They also told that both will move to a joint family. Also, they reacted surprisingly to the news of both getting married in an intimate.