Is Will Smith alive or dead in 2022? 


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI

Nowadays internet is full of various death jokes no matter whether you talk about what happened with Tom Holland or Will Smith. Many celebrities have faced death hoax since the social media came into being. Every day one or another gets a death hoax. However, the hoax can be serious and full of pain. Another hoax that came to being is Will Smith’s death joke that surfaced on social media. The close ones of the star who gets death hoax can be disturbed due to the fake news. But do you think Will Smith is dead? 

Read ahead to know what happened in Will Smith’s hoax. 

What is Will Smith’s news that is going trending?

From spreading false/fake news to spreading awareness about crucial issues, everything can be news just by putting it online. The Internet can be of great help but also a great platform for jokes like death hoaxes. Often people are not aware whether what they are reading or seeing is true or false. It can be fake news too. 

Now one more added to the list of death hoax receivers, this one is Will Smith. Who is not aware of Will Smith? He is a great actor and popular among his fans. His fan following is uncountable no doubt he has fans in millions. 

Another news came recently stating that Will Smith has passed away. The news circulated this week and in a day it became viral. The fake news was so precise that it also stated the place where the actor died. This made everyone believe that this is true, and Will Smith was no more. 

Is Will Smith no more?

If you are worrying about Will Smith’s death, then please relax. He is alive and doing great. The news which spread was a fake one. He was another victim of the death Hoax which has recently become a trend for everyone. Since the Oscar incident that happened Will Smith and Chris Rock have often been the topic of discussion on social media. Chris Rock is though less active as he is trolled a lot. 

How to know whether it’s a death hoax?

Yes, fake news is spreading a lot nowadays. People receive death hoaxes as they receive trolling. It is difficult to handle it, but you should verify the information believing it. Do verify it twice or thrice before relying on any information like this.