Is ‘Renaissance’ where Beyonce and Cardi B come together for collaboration?

Beyonce and Cardi B

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It’s now a sensation that Beyonce has made an entry on TikTok. Her first post on TikTok was related to all the social media influencers shaking a leg on her new hit song. The song is “Break My Soul”. On 13th July 2022, Beyonce became a user of TikTok, which is a video application. She has a list of her seventh album, “Renaissance” on 29th July 2022. She had gained around 3 million followers.  

Will Cardi B will come along with Beyonce on her Seventh launch ‘Renaissance’?

Beyonce, Grammy Award winner uploaded a combination of social media influencers shaking a leg to her new album “Break My Soul”. This was her first post after she joined TikTok. In the video we can see Hip-Hop star Cardi B, making a short appearance in that video. Cardi B was seen lip-syncing to the song. 

 This made fans assume that there is a possibility both Cardi B and Beyonce will be seen together in the upcoming song of Beyonce. In fact, fans are requesting to for having collaboration in the upcoming song album.

Will Hip-Hop Star and Singer come together?

Cardi B surprised all her fans by making an appearance in Beyonce’s first TikTok Video, in which she has seen lip-syncing Beyonce’s song. She was wearing a yellow top. The video is a part of current rapper Insta live stream. After the video, fans are skeptical about whether they both will come together in the future or not. They wish that both the stars should collaborate. However, there is no formal acknowledgment from both parties. Both remained silent and kept their mouth zipped, leaving the fans full of questions. 


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What was Cardi B doing in Beyonce’s video?

Beyonce’s first video on TikTok created a sensation. People used Twitter’s platform to discuss whether Cardi B will be seen in Beyonce’s upcoming album or not? People also discussed how Beyonce despised Cardi B. Cardi B made a cameo in Beyonce’s video of TikTok, where she sang Beyonce’s song and seemed to enjoy it a lot. Barb said yes, you might be angry about it. When both will come it will be next to disgusting when collaborated.  

Fans reacted in a dicey manner about whether any collaboration will be there or not? One mentioned, waiting and watching. Another fan wrote that there seems to be a collaboration between Beyonce and Cardi B.