Is Nicki Minaj’s six-part documentary not getting aired on HBO?

Nicki Minaj’s six-part

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Within a few months, a documentary series is going to be released to captivate all the fans of Nicki Minaj. The documentary is of six-part devoted to all her fans. As per our reports, this documentary series is going to be titled “Nicki”. The Rap Queen uploaded the trailer of the docuseries on her Twitter account. She posted with the hashtag #NickiDocumentary. This hashtag created a buzz and became viral quickly. 

Due to the immense love from her fans, the video ranked at the top. This made Nicki show her gratitude towards her fans through Instagram. However, the release date of this new docuseries is yet to be disclosed by her. Along with that, Minaj’s six-part documentary streaming partner is yet to be open to the public. This created a confusion among Nicki’s fans as it appears very similar to Minaj’s documentary which HBO announced in the year 2020. 

Is the documentary series about Nicki Minaj about HBO?

The storyline of this docuseries revolves around how the protagonist overcomes the teaser as per the trailer released. In the trailer, we can observe a young girl who is rapping for the camera. The young girl is played by Nicki. It was shown that she must stop focusing on the game after she became successful. She must start loving herself as a priority. This six-part documentary series will give you an insight into multiple sides of the superstar’s rap career. 


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Nicki Minaj, on Twitter, released the official date of the launch of the documentary. However, she didn’t reveal the streaming platform where it will be released. However, we don’t think that HBO will be the streaming platform. The reason behind it is that HBO and HBO Pop released nor re-shred the trailer till now. 

What is the debate about her documentary going on social media platforms?

This flooded social media with a battle of opinion about the current scenario. One of her fans commented that no one can beat Nicki. Another wrote about the streaming platform. She said usually there is mention of streaming service but here it is not mentioned. The fan further said that she wants to make the fans intrigued however, it is not working properly here. Also maybe Nicki still needs to have a streaming partner, maybe she has to struggle for it. 


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Another wrote that no one wants this documentary as the platform of HBO canceled it. Fan said in a joking manner.  Another fan wrote the platform will not be the streaming partner.