Is Lil Yachty safe? Singer meets with an accident on his way to rolling loud

Lil Yachty

Credit: Getty Images

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know last Friday, that is on the 22nd of July, one of the biggest and the grandest music festivals in the united states of America at the hard rock stadium, musicians from all the corners are coming and the lineup is all made of your favorites, however, one of the rappers, Lil yachty met with an accident while on his way to the festival.

His van, in which he and his crew was traveling met with an accident and was damaged very badly, in the videos that are going viral online, we can see Lil yachty getting out of his van and then taking another vehicle to quickly reach the rolling loud Miami fest, many users expressed concerns for his safety and sent prayers his way for a quick recovery.

What had happened with Lil yachty?

If the sources are to be believed, then it is said that the young rapper was heading towards the festival with his crew in a black way, but they met with a very serious accident, which left the right side of the van completely unrecognizable and wrecked, the exact details are yet to be brought about how the accident happened but it is being circulated that the driver lost control of the automobile and the car would as if refuse to turn, the condition of the car is pretty bad is it could be seen in the videos circulating online and trending on twitter, the rapper had chosen to maintain his silence about the incident and is complete safe as no harm had happened to him, he even performed at the festival which was deemed as a face saver .

Prayers for Lil Yachty

Many took to their social media to prayy for the 24 year old young rapper Lil yachty, many expressed their hopes that he and all those travelling in that van are completely fine and out of harms way.