Is Lil Tecca Dead? Everything explained 

Is Lil Tecca Dead

Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Social media is a platform where there is plenty of news whether fake or true floats. You will find plenty of fake news online including the most prominent ones that go on like death hoaxes. We can find these death hoaxes a lot on social media including the ones of celebrities. Many stars have been part of these death hoaxes like Tom Holland.

 Now another name added to the list is Lil Tecca. Yes, you heard it right. She is not dead but has been a part of the fake death game. Fans recently by mistake believed that the famous rapper is dead. The fans thought that rapper Lil Tecca is dead on 1st August 2022. The reason for death was by shooting according to a post that spread the news. However, fortunately, the rapper is alive and doing great. She has also gone through a similar death hoax. 

How did these rumors of  Lil’ Tecca circulate?

After the people saw the post on social media where it mentioned that Lil Tecca was shot dead this gave birth to all the fake news. The post worked as petrol for all the confusion about her existence. There was an image attached which was being circulated with trend news written with the caption Rapper Lil Tecca is no more. This was circulated on 2nd August 2022. 

It was written in the caption that ‘Rapper, Lil Tecca’ who found out her dead in her home. The fake news was so appropriate that she took three shots at her chest. As per the reports, there was a witness who said that the culprit was tall. The culprit was driving a black Tesla. He was wearing a hoodie and sketchers both in black. 

The rapper is alive 

There were millions of people who believed the news. The website is a fabricated one that only spreads fake news and implements practical jokes. It is just for circulating fake trending news. However, when people spread the news online they automatically think that it is authentic and credible. The rapper is doing perfect and the tours are lined up first is in Europe and the other is in October. 

Lil Tecca became another bait

All the rumors that were spread regarding her death are all fake on the contrary, Tecca is doing great and perfect. The Queens, rapper was supposedly shot dead at JFK Airport on September, 15 as per the bogus news report. The initial claim was made by Channel 24 news where everyone who signs up can also publish a story no matter if it is true or not.