Is Borris Johnson going to resign?

In recent news, two ministers from the Johnson Government, Rishi Sunak, the Finance Minister, and the secretary of health Sajjid Javed, submitted their resignations within ten minutes of each other last Tuesday that was the fifth of July, the reason behind their departure is being stated as their disapproval of PM Borris Johnson.

Resignation of ministers from the Borris Johnson government

As if decided by a pre-planned scheme, the ministers under Sunak and Javed also left their positions and as well as their allies did the same, Borris Johnson in response filled the positions of the finance minister with Nadhim Zahawi and the department of health was given to Steve Barclay

If the media reports are to be believed, the reason for this resignation as a protest against Johnson came due to his deliberate mishandling and ignoring of the investigation of the complaints of sexual misconduct leveled against MP Chris Pincher.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct against a member of Johnson’s party

The allegations of sexually assaulting two male colleagues have been leveled against Pincher, in response to which he resigned, however that was only the beginning of accusations thrown at him.

Borris Johnson in the recent Prime Ministers Questions sessions in the house of commons responded to the recent series of resignations that as the Prime Minister of a country in trying times he must keep going and that was exactly what he intended to do.

Johnson found himself attacked and under fire since he was the PM of UK during the time of the Brexit, as of now, it doesn’t appear that Johnson will be leaving his chair by his own will anytime soon.

Simon McDonald had looked deeply into the accusations thrown at Pincher and had found that the complaints had base and were true, Johnson added oil to the burning fire when he appointed Pincher as chief Whip this February claiming that he had knowledge of these accusations.

Johnson isn’t the only one to find himself in such trouble, many members of the conservative party are now getting cornered since their past scandals are being brought into the lime light.