Internet reacts with memes at the BTS x Snickers Collab

BTS x Snickers collab

Its Christmas already for you if you are a fan of the South Korean K-pop music band BTS, since the band has decided to roll out a collaboration with the chocolate bar brand Snickers, with the news spreading like wildfire all over the internet, the netizens, especially the Twitter users, have begun to roll out memes and jokes in response to the news as the fans are going crazy about what might be another collab of their favorite K pop band with another big company, read ahead to find all the details below.

The viral news of BTS x Snickers Collab

On Friday that went by, that was, the 29th of July, the news began to circulate on the internet that the Kpop band from South Korea, BTS is now in a collaboration with Snickers, a company famous for its chocolate bars full of nuts and other assortments, if the rumors that are spreading like wildfire on the internet are to believed and are somewhat true, the products of the collab between BTS and snickers are probably in some nations of the South East Asia Region like the nation of Thailand and the country of Philippines, many fans of the BTS all over the world are trying to get their hands on any news related to the BTS x Snickers collab, in a possible attempt to check if the product is available in their homeland or not.

Is the news of BTS x Snickers Collab true?

While the fans are all going crazy about a possibility of a collab between the k pop music band BTS and the chocolate bar company snickers, you would do well to note that there are has been no official announcement of a collab either from the BTS or the company snickers.

Reaction of the fans at BTS x Snickers Collab

The fans are really hyped up about the possibility of Snickers rolling out a collab with their favorite music band BTS and are eagerly waiting for any sort of confirmation of the news.