Happy Meal turned into Pasta by a Tiktok user?

TikToker Turning Mcdonald’s

Credit: TikTok

Who is not aware of TikTok? TikTok is a very popular music dance video. Where people upload various videos with or without music. It can be dance, action anything. It gave birth to several trends.

Another viral video on TikTok is of a chef circulating online. The video displays a woman of MC Donald’s turning the happy meal into pasta. You don’t believe it right? But yes, it is true. Among all the food-related videos this is the most shocking one I have seen.

What was the video and who was the MC Donald’s chef?

TikTok is a platform where any type of content can go viral at any time. Lots of videos are daily uploaded on TikTok. You never know which content can go viral or become trending. One which has created fire on TikTok is this video of McDonald’s turning the famous Happy Meal into pasta. This was something no one would have imagined. The video has created a sensation and getting viral again and again.

@dannygrubs McDonalds Happy Meal turned gourmet✨ #McDonalds #FoodTok #FoodHacks ♬ original sound – Danny Kim


How did she make pasta from the Happy Meal?

In the video, it is shown that DannyGrubs challenges the chef Amy Brandwein for turning the famous McDonald’s meal into something unique. The chef then accepts the challenge and makes it epicure food. Earlier the happy meal had chicken nuggets, apple pies, French fries, and sour sauce. She had tortellini with pasta that she prepared using the available fillings. She then added a new taste when she fried the pasta. She didn’t throw the leftover apple pie and sour sauce but in fact, made great delicious toppings from it.

After this DannyGrub commented the food made was very delicious.

What were the reactions of the TikTok users?

This made a sensation among the users. The video went viral again and again. Users were incredulous about the meal turning into pasta. This was something no one was expecting and looked like magic. Every user gave a reaction or response to the viral video.

There was a mixed response to the video. Some users appraised the chef for turning a mere Happy meal into pasta. On the other hand, some gave comments about how this can be true? People raised several questions about how this is even possible even after they saw it themselves. People praised the chef and gave applause for her creative thinking and imagination.