Guitarist Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine was manhandled by security in Toronto

Tom Morello

Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Famous musician Tom Morello, who also happens to be the guitarist for the famous band Rage against the machine was apparently manhandled by the staff of the security present at the band’s concert in Toronto, Canada.

Rage against the machine Tom Morello tackled by security guards at the concert

The concert was going into full swing and the band Rage against the machine were performing their hit track, killing in the name, this was also supposed to be the last performance of the day and was the final track that was to be performed by the band, at this moment, a man who could be seen wearing a red colored T-shirt rose from the crowd and broke into a towards the stage, his attempts to reach the stage were impeded by the security staff present at the stage while trying to contain the man was trying to make a jump at the stage, a member of the security detail crashed into the guitarist of the band Rage against the machine, Tom Morello 

What could be seen in the videos of the incident, which are now going viral online, is that the 58-year-old guitarist Tom Morello almost fell off the stage when the member of the security detail crashed into him, Zack De la Rocha, who happens to be the frontman of the band rage against the machine, also was stopped from performing by the sight that unfolded in front of his eyes, Tom Morello, whose movements were already restrained because he was locked in a wheel chair since he suffered an injury in the reunion tour of the band, soon he was assisted to climb back on the stage and the performance continued to a cheers from the crowd.

Fans response to accident with Tom Morello

Fans wrote how Rage against the machine did not let the show stop and did not let go of the attention of the audience, many mentioned how this is now a growing trend of how the audience tries to cross their limits, quoting what happened with Cardi B at the wireless festival.