Firing near the Football match of Oakland Tech High School

Oakland Tech

While a Football match was in full swing at the Oakland tech High School in the state of California, a shooting occurred nearby, multiple rounds were fired which left three people injured.

Shooting near Oakland Tech High during a football match

if the local reports are to believed, then the Sunday that passed, that is 31st of July, a football match was in progress at the campus grounds of the Oakland Tech High, the match was between the ten year olds from Oakland and Frenso, it was then when the gunfire was heard, and as per the claims made in the reports from the ABC, the shots were fired from the stands in the field of the campus, around three people were injured, which included an old woman in her fifties, a thirty year old man and a little girl of 5 took injuries on their person during this criminal act, later that the day, the officials from the police department of Oakland confirmed the all the victims of the shooting are now out of harms way and are in stable condition, the shooting had occurred well into the afternoon, the time of the crime being reported as 15 minutes into 1 pm, this shooting crime wont be something new for the nation of the United States of America, for in the year 2022, which is not even complete yet, has reported around 315 mass shootings.

Netizens condemn the shooting at Oakland Tech High school

The internet users were unanimous in their opinion of how despicable such a crime was, how the people in power blatantly ignore these day to day shootings, how the authorities are not concerned at all about the rising gun violence in the country. Some said that these mass shooters should all be caught and sent to the raging warzones around the world, like Ukraine, yemen and Syria, many pointed how it will be a doom for the country as a civilization if they do solve this.