Fans of the show Real Housewives of Atlanta attack Kandi for leaking information about Marlo


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As it appears in the latest episode, the show Real Housewives of Atlanta is all heated uyp once again as the contestant Kandi finds herself under fire after she was caught exchanging the information about Marlo with Kenya and Vice Versa, the public argued that it was very wrong from the end of Kandi to engage in such activities and she took a lot of fire from the public in the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired on Bravo last Sunday.

What did Kandi do in Real Housewives of Atlanta?

The latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, which was also the tenth of the season, begins where we can see Kandi and Kenya leading their girls out for what was supposed to be a playdate, while the kids were busy playing together, Kandi took the opportunity and began a conversation with Kenya and started to talk about Marlo and began to give away her personal information, she told Kenya that Marlo had a lot of problems with her nephews and had gone as far as to expel them from the house.

Kandi continued to talk as she went to reveal that the problems faced by Marlo while keeping her nephews were similar to those faced by her cousins, Kandi claimed that she had burst into tears since she cannot even begin to contemplate asking her cousin to depart.

Kenya had been concerned that with the way marlo was behaving and acting around, she was only worsening the trauma of the boys.

After this, Kandi proceeded to go to Marlo and talk to her about the travel plans of Kenya and how she wouldn’t be joining them at Blue Ridge.

Fans reaction to the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Fans have been very angry at what kandi has done and she has been heavily criticized for it the previous Sunday.