Ezra Miller is in Controversy again as he threatens to knock out a man

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, a TikTok of him has resurfaced where he could be seen saying that he will knock out a retail worker who simply wanted a selfie with the actor.

Ezra Miller’s misbehavior with a fan

A video that was filmed almost two years back in the year 2020 was recently shared by a TikTok user with the username of Peterknight2800, the video featured the person himself and the DC actor Ezra miller, as of now, the video has more than 3.5 million views.

The 10-second-long clip opens as we can see a young man trying to approach the flash actor for a selfie, he tells him he is a fan and is a bit nervous to meet him, Ezra when he notices he is being filmed replies that he can always knock them out and ease the panic situation, underlining heavy sarcasm here.


When the man realizes what Ezra had said, he stops filming the actor, he posted the video with a caption that he intended no harm and merely wanted a selfie, he seems well versed with his knowledge of the DC universe as we can see he used the appropriate hashtags and him mentioning batman’s contingency plan and reverse flash.

Ezra is in trouble for manipulating an 18-year-old woman

Ezra Miller, known for his role as the flash in the DC Universe has been trying to keep a low profile for quite some time since he has been accused by a couple that Ezra was involved in brainwashing their daughter.


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The father in conversation with newsweek earlier told that Ezra had attempted to manipulated their daughter and she was staying with Miller, the father said that the state of Ezra’s mind is questionable at best and the court should restrain him already.

The daughter who is now called Gibson has come in favor of the DC actor and said that these acusations are false.