Do you know why Boris Johnson cash resigned? All about his controversy. All about UK Prime Minister.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and health Secretary Sajid Javid, United Kingdom Ministers submitted their resignation on 5TH July 2022. The step was for the disapproval of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Within ten mins of each other, both submitted their resignations, according to some sources. Adding to that, Sunak and Javid’s junior ministers and multiple allies also decide to leave their positions. All of them gave resignation which came as a shock to the audiences. After their resignations, Javid was replaced quickly. The new health Minister, Steve Barclay. With the help of Steve Barclay and Boris Johnson, another finance minister was nominated. Nadhim Zahawi as the new finance minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer. In reference to various media comments and reviews, Johnson is battling sexual misconduct cases or sexual assault claims.

In opposition, parliament member Chris Pincher is also added to the list of resignations. Former congressman and deputy leader had the allegations to force two male colleagues led to his resignation last week. Due to his resignation, similar, allegations have come again in limelight. The United Kingdom’s Boris Johnson took element in high Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday, July 6. In reaction to the 18 current resignations, Johnson said: “The position of a high minister in trying times, while you’ve been given a huge mandate, is to preserve going, and that’s what I’m going to do,” the prime minister stated.

What is Boris Johnson’s controversy?

Since Johnson took became the UK Prime Minister after Theresa May in 2019, he has been at the center of the limelight of various scandals as he oversaw Brexit. Ignoring the current controversies regarding his role or duties. He is also facing questions about his work. Pincher’s Controversy Allegations of sexual misconduct in opposition to former deputy leader whip Pincher are at the center of the present-day scandal. Johnson appointed Pincher in the month of February 2022. Simon McDonald, a former civil servant, revealed something new. He said he had appeared in the allegations in opposing Pincher in 2019. He also further added that his findings seemed to contribute to the charges.

Why has Boris Johnson resigned?

On 7TH July 2022, UK Prime Minister successfully resigned from his Conservative Party. He also confirmed that the process of a new PM is beginning now. He will remain as the PM till the moment the new PM of the UK does not get selected. Johnson gave a direct speech to all his voters and portrayed the sadness behind his resignation.