Do you know about Co-Tweet? Can you have access to it? Do you know about Twitter’s new feature?


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Updates are something that every application has. It is done to improve the present application infrastructure. However, it depends on the user whether they like it or not. Twitter has brought another update which came to be known as the ‘Co-Tweet’ feature. The updates are brought to bring new traffic and to ease the process of present users.

The co-Tweet feature is available for some users to get a hand on it. This feature helps one user contain the other user while tweeting.  Though the feature is limited to some users only. Let’s understand it in detail now.

What is Co-Tweet?

Co-Tweet is a feature that is a blessing for some people or users. It lets one user tweet and the other user become its co-author for the tweet. It can be said a collaboration of a tweet with two users. This is a great feature though it comes with some limitations also.

In this, you can tweet whatever, you want and add another user, but only those who accept your invitation. In simple words, whosoever feels to get added to the tweet can only be added.

A few more restrictions brought with this feature are that you must make sure the other also has a public account to be the Co-Tweet. Also, if the one follows you or not consider it as Co-Tweet.

Is this feature available to all?

No, in the beginning only a few people have access to this feature. It is not accessible to everyone who uses Twitter. The reason behind it is that first they will give it a try among a few users and if they like it then only it will be public or accessible to everyone. India is not on the list of obtainable currently. Only people from Canada, Korea, and the United States can have access.

It can be evil sometimes if I tweet something and say that someone else’s is also there as Co-Tweet then everyone will assume that they have the same thoughts.

What will happen if you don’t want to be the ‘Co-Tweet’?

Yes, you can block the person right away. Assuming you have an invitation for Co-Tweet, but you don’t want to be part of that. You have an option of declining the invitation from the person who has tagged you.

Another major step you can do is blocking the person if you have repeated invitations.