Did Joe Rogan pass a controversial remark about homeless people?

joe rogan

Joe Rogan, the world-famous personality for his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience, has faced serious criticism from internet users after he made some controversial statements regarding the homeless people in the state of California, the episode had such remarks made by Joe Rogan premiered on the 14th of July, which was a Thursday, apparently, Joe Rogan, who had invited over the famous comedian Tom Segura for the show, he supposedly joked about killing some of the homeless people, indirectly asking tom and the audience to go out and shoot some of these homeless people.

A week has passed over since the episode went public and Joe Rogan has received a lot of backlash for his comments about the homeless people of the state of California, many went on to say that Joe Rogan, who had for long championed free speech, has finally gotten down to hate speech, the kind and amount of following he has can actually lead to violent incidents like shooting.

What were the comments of Joe Rogan on the homeless population?

Comedian and writer Tom Segura had come over to the show of Joe Rogan as part of the promotional campaign of his new and upcoming book, I’d like to play alone, please. All was fine until their conversation suddenly swirled to another topic and the tone of talk went really dark, Joe recalled that once while traveling, the road had been partially blocked by a homeless, he went on to describe in great detail about the incident, they later joked about how someone could be sent behind bars for trying to remove their possessions, thats when Joe Rogan shared his extreme and absolute solution to the problem of homelessness in the state of california, he said that the issue can be addressed if these people are shot.

What did joe rogan say to the controversy?      

So far the former UFC commentator has decided to maintain his silence over the matter and the backlash that stemmed from his comments on the homeless in Calfiornia.