David Harbour from stranger things talks about his weird body transformation

David Harbour

CREDIT: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Being drastically changed after the third season and appearing to have lost a lot of weight, Stranger things star David harbour finally went ahead to talk about the not so subtle and extremely  noticeable changes that happened to his body in the time between the premieres of the third and fourth seasons of the Netflixs hit show the stranger things.

What happened to the body of David harbour?

The 47 year old David harbour, who had starred in the hit web series stranger things on the video streaming service Netflix. The actor took to the social media and photo sharing app Instagram to reveal to his fans that he has lost about 75 pounds or about roughly 38 kilo grams of weight, she shared multiple pics in a post and talked about the changes in his physique that occurred in the past 8 months, he also mentioned how it took him another year to get into shape to maintain his physique in the current form, he took this opportunity to thank his gym instructor and physical trainer David Higgins, who guided him with the exercises and provided him with a diet to follow which resulted in his drastic transformation, he mentioned that his weight loss journey has been an exciting ride for him, though riddled with the needed obstacles that made it fun.


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What do the new pictures of David harbour show?

The first photo of harbour was a comparison photograph in a side by side panel format, which showcased is the image of his character, Hopper from stranger things, while the second image was of the same character but with his altered appearance in the 4th season of the hit web series from Netflix, the stranger things.



Another image featured him and his gym instructor and physical trainer David Higgins, which probably dates back to the time when David had begun working out to lose weight