Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting a child together. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Credit: CNN NEWS

There is both positive and negative news present on social media. The famous TV celebrity and CNN Model known as Chrissy Teigen declared on Wednesday that she is expecting another child. She and her husband the infamous John Legend, musician are going to be parents again. 

She wrote about the news on her Instagram account with the caption that they both have another one coming in this world. She uploaded a photo showing off her cute baby bump. She also added that by god’s grace everything is pretty well and perfect. She also added that she is feeling confident and fabulous.  

Teigen and Legend married for 9 years. 

Teigen and Legend both have tied a knot for almost a decade now. They have been taking the plunge for 9 years. They are blessed with two children named Luna and Miles. 

Teigen wrote that the past few years have been a mist of emotions than much she can say. God has blessed us again and filled our home and hearts similarly. This is what the 36-year-old wrote. This was in the context of her miscarriage that unfortunately occurred in the year 2020.

All about Teigen’s miscarriage

Teigen openly talked about the miscarriage after this. She spoke about her experience post miscarriage. She talked about how stunned and unbearable the whole experience was for both her and her spouse. Her decision was seen as contrary to the low standard culture of silence when she had a pregnancy loss. However, people know that miscarriages 10% to 25% end up being miscarried. This me’s is provided by the American Pregnancy Association.