Camille Vasuez reveals that she is a fan of Johnny Depp’s music

Camille Vasquez

Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The lawyer of actor Johnny Depp’s is continuously supporting him even after the winning of the defamation trial . Camille  was the lawyer of actor Johnny Depp’s trial case. Even she assisted him in such a way that Johnny not only won the case but he got a $15 million award too.


On June 8, Wednesday during an interview , the reporters asked her whether she will be meeting her client again or not. And her reply was simple , “ ofcourse we will definitely meet in future” full of hesitation. 

The reporters kept asking her questions related to both of them. The reporter’s one of question was that , “Is she a fan of Johnny Depp’s music or not?” , and she apparently replied that  “yes she is, and who’s not.” The narrator and Camille smile to each other full of agreement with Camille’s answer.


Camille Vasquez & Amber Heard’s legal teams isn’t at good terms


Both the legal team of Camille & Amber aren’t on good terms. The relationship between both the teams is not working and it got even more worse after the interview of Camille  Vasquez in “ Good Morning America” , where she told how she and her client were able to win the trial case. Amber’s legal team given a statement and told that, “ Johnny’s team isn’t good and they all are way too unprofessional and it’s disgusting for them.” 


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Camille Vasquez said that they are in a good bond , well during the court trail inside and outside. They spent time together to deal with the case and develop a good bond between them. But as the fans are assuming that they must be dating , because the media captured them together several times. 


They pass hugs and smiles at each other, due to all these tha fans are assuming it. But a source of Camille Vasquez told TMZ and they reveal that , ‘They are just friends and nothing else and Johnny is his client nothing more than of that.’ And then continued, ‘ To win the case she need to create a good bond together .’


Camille being a subject to talk about to many viewers


Camille Vasquez has now become a subject among the fans to talk about and gossip it up about. The fans of Johnny Depp are now showing affection towards his legal practitioner Camille as she helps Johnny to win the case. The fans are expressing their gratitude towards her. At the same time some rumour also spread that she is dating a British agent and they dated for some months.

A few days back, Johnny Depp performed as a musician during a concert and surprised everyone , with his friend Jebb Beck in Sheffield. They have been there and continuing their musical tour.