Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney assists an elderly man during a medical emergency in a flight. 

Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney assists an elderly man during a medical emergency in a flight.

After coming into the spotlight for being the architect of Johnny Depp’s victory in the infamous defamation the Pirates of the Caribbean star fought against his former partner Amber Heard, Camille once again has earned a place for herself in the headlines after she helps an old man during a medical situation in a flight.

What happened on the flight which Camille was travelling in?

Earlier this Week, attorney Camille Vasquez had boarded an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles, bound to New York, while the flight was on its way, an elderly man passed next to where Camille and her protection detail were sitting in the first class, all went into panic when this elderly passenger suddenly fell head first on the floor, the air hostesses were screaming for help when Camille and her group got up to assist the old man who appeared to be in his 70s, the famous lawyer then immediately sprung into action and called her brother in law who happens to be a doctor, she followed his instructions which she received over the phone and went ahead to check if it was an heart attack or if the old man’s head was bleeding due to the fall, she went ahead to use the apple watch of one of her bodyguards to check his heart rate, to everyone’s relief, there was a practicing surgeon on board who knew the trade and had a look at the old man, the flight then immediately made a U turn for the Los Angeles Airport where a team of medics had already been informed and were on stand by to assist the old person.

Vasquez was lauded for her quick and instant reaction to the emergency and was hailed as Wonder Woman by one of the air hostesses who felt so grateful that she went ahead to gift her two bottles of champagne.

Camille to represent Johnny Depp again?

As it appears, that our swash buckling star Johnny Depp has been accused by the location manager of the Movie City of Lies of punching him in the ribs, Camille will be fighting Depp’s case