Bret Tuggle, The Famous Keyboardist For Fleetwood Mac Passes Away At 70

Brett Tuggle

Credit: Getty Images

The very talented keyboard player for the British American Rock Band Fleetwood Mac, met his end and passed away at 70, this was confirmed by the rolling stone magazine after being informed by Tuggle’s son, Matt described how he was an excellent and loving father for his children and how badly his absence will be felt, apart from Matt in the family, Bret also had a daughter by the name of Michelle 

The Reason For Brett Tuggle’s Death

The news of bret’s death is another in a list of celebrity deaths that shocked and saddened the fans this year, earlier this year, in the month of January, fan favorite actor and comedian Louise Anderson also passed away, Bob Saget also left the world in January, while Betty white had died on the last day of the previous year, further in the list are people like Jay Black, DMX and Chick Vennera.

As it is now revealed the Keyboard player from Fleetwood Mac had had Cancer and that took his life.

Fans React To Bret Tuggle’s Demise

Fans around the world are devasted at the news of Bret’s passing, fans took to various social media platforms to voice their saddened feelings, many feel how this is a personal loss, how it is a dark day for the music industry, possibly its twilight, sending out and prayers of strength to family and friends.


Bret’s rise to fame came when he began to tour when he toured extensive from 1986 to 1994 with David Lee Roth and came into limelight for song Just Like Paradise   

It was in the grape vine that Bret might be joining hands with Roth again for songs two years back in 2020, for almost two decades from 1997 to 2017, Bret had been with Fleetwood Mac’s reunion tour whom he had first met in the year 1992, during that time he was the member of the Zoo, the side band of Fleetwood’s drummer