Blac Chnya In Hot Waters After Her Failed Attempt To Sue The Kardashians 

Blac Chnya’s legal battle against the Kardashians proves to be an expensive affair for her, now that she has lost the case, the famous clan is demanding that she pay the lawsuit amount to them.

The Kardashians Want Blac To Cover The Finances Spent In The Lawsuit

If the reports from the TMZ are to be believed, after the defeat in her 108 million $ libel case, Blac has been ordered by the court to pay for the expenses the Kardashians had to deal with during the trials,

Welp, the lawyer representing the side of the billionaire family clearly listed the expenses that were born by the family during the length of the trial, it summed up around a total of 391, 094 $ and this amount does not even his fees, this total amount contains the likes of service of process, hosting of Electronic documents and various other costs.

Although the judge has already declared that Blac will be made to pay for the expenses, the amount is yet to be finalized.   


Blac Chnya’s Mother’s Appeal To The Fans For Help

Tokyo Toni, Blac’s mother has requested the fans to donate 400,000 to her daughter so that she could appeal the original decision of the court.

According to Blac, the Kardashian family on purpose sabotaged the upcoming sequel of her show Rob and Chnya, however she lost the legal battle as the judge decreed in the favor of the billionaire family, as of now the donation link set up by Tokyo Toni has a total of 685$ with a contribution of total 37 donors.

Tokyo was banned from the court after she came up with distasteful remarks for the Kardashians on the internet