Author Salman Rushdie attacked the stage in New York City

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Credit: Indulge

When the renowned author Salman Rushdie took to stage at a literary festival in New York City, he was attacked by a person who was offended for what he thought was quoting the satanic verses which offended his religion, the attacker, who is a 24-year-old man hailing from Fairview in New Jersey who goes by the name of Hadi Matar. Salman Rushdie, who is an author of Indian origin, had taken to the stage, it was a literary festival organized by the Chautauqua institute in the western part of New York City, and soon after Salman Rushdie walked on stage and was introduced to the public, his assailant walked up to him on the stage, and as per the reports made by the officials from the New York City Police department, he was first stabbed in the neck, and also in the abdomen region. Hadi Matar was quickly tackled by the people present there and members of the sheriff’s office who were present as a part of the security detail moved in to arrest him.

Who is Hadi Mater? The person who attacked Salman Rushdie

The attacker who went on to stab Author Salman Rushdie while he was on stage for a literary event, is a 24-year-old resident hailing from Fairview, New Jersey, Salman Rushdie, who had previously faced death threats from Islamists all around the world, for his book Satanic Verses, which is, as Salman Rushdie claimed, inspired the life of Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam, this hadn’t gone down well with these radical elements especially from Iran when thoroughly examined, the social media handles of Hadi Matar on various platforms revealed how he was so deeply involved in Islamic extremism and the radical acts of the government of Iran while examining his phone, the police officials found how Hadi had been helpful to extremists from Iraq who were sympathetic to the actions of the state of Iran.