Ateez Fellowship World Tour Tickets, Dates, and Prices


The iconic boy band is back with another tour planned for all its fans. The band Ateez is having a tour for all its fans. The tour is called Fellowship World Tour 2022 which the boy band is going to have. However, many celebs are planning their tours this year. The list also includes the name of Justin Bieber and now added Ateez. You should not leave any detail about the Ateez tour. In this article, you will have all the information about the Tour. From dates, prices, tickets, and places where you can buy the tickets. 

What are the dates for Ateez’s Fellowship World tour 

All the music lovers having their treat year as they have their favorite singers’ tours lined up this year. Many famous rappers, musicians, and singer are having their national and international tours. Recently, another name added to the list is Ateez band which is having their world tour in 2022. Every fan of Ateez Boy Band is curious to know its information. The date, time, and tickets availability everything. These details are available in this article. 

The Tour is named Fellowship: Break the World Tour. Here you will find the details about the dates on which the Fellowship Tour is going to happen. The tour will be commenced on 29th October 2022. The tour will be wrapped up on 12th December. For the month of October, your reserved dates for the tour should be 29th and 30th. For November month, reserved dates for Ateez band should be the 7th, 8th, 10th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, and 27th, and the last will be on the 28th. The 2nd, 11th, and 12th are going to be the dates for the month of December when the tour will happen.  

What’s going to be special?

This week, Ateez Boy Band break the news by posting the poster for their tour of Fellowship: Break The Wall. The Ateez are performing their tour in nine venues as of now. Another good news for all their fans is that the band will also perform in the United States. More states the Fellowship tour is going to cover are; Seoul, California, South Korea, Arizona, Atlanta, Texas, and Newark. 

The Tour also travels to other countries Canada and Japan. All information is mentioned on the social media page of the band. Till then, you can go through the details for the Fellowship World Tour. 

Tickets details for the World Tour

If you can’t resist your curiosity, then your wait is over. Here is the way you can grab the tickets for the show. You can have your tickets from the website of Ticketmaster and for Seoul Venue you can also have the tickets from Interpark. The tickets will roughly be around $60 and for stadium seats may cost you $250.