Angel Brinks Opens Up About Former Husband Rapper X1’s Death

Angel Brinks


When the fifth episode of basketball wives came out, Angel Brinks talked about the death of her ex-husband Bruce Sandlin, better known as the rapper X1, who was found dead in his home in Las Vegas.

Last Monday, the new episode of Basketball Wives came out, the show features women who have had balanced their personal and professional life and involves a lot of drama and spice in the one hour format show.

In the latest episode, a pregnant Angel Brinks with her partner Roccstar, they surprised the rest of the cast of the show with a gender reveal party and Roccstar giving another promise ring to Angel, who had hopes for a marriage proposal.

Who Was Bruce Sandlin?

Bruce Sandlin went by the name of X1 in the rap industry, born in March in the year 1979 in Brooklyn and grew up in Queens, Bruce joined with a rap group called Gang Green nd was also part of group Onyx.


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Soon he created a rap group with youngsters from his own neighborhood, Onyx noticed these boys and brought them over to the studio and officialized them as the Gang Green and were signed with Armee Records.

Onyx handled the production of Bruce’s first single, he soon grew very popular and Onyx decided to make him their permanent member with him contributing to recording of three albums of the group 

X1’s Suspicous Death 

Many of hid loved ones believe that Bruce was actually murdered and he did not shoot himself as it was shown by trying to stage it was suicide