Amber Heard made fake claims regarding her baby. A photo of an empty pram went viral.  

Amber Heard’s fake baby

Credit: Instagram/amberheard

On 9th August 2022, Tuesday “The DUI Guy”, Larry Forman. Accusations were made against Amber Heard by the supporter of Johnny Depp. This allegation was made on the Twitter platform. There were a few charges posted against the youtube channel of Joseph Morris. This claimed that Amber Heard was renting a child for a few Instagram Photos. Instead of having her own baby through any method like surrogacy. 


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About the Forman’s Tweet?

There might be some claims against Heard, through the email displayed in the tweet given by Forman. As per the mail, it is witnessed that Amber Heard is not a parent. The entire process of surrogacy and its concept is a full fabrication. The Amber stroller is just a tool designed to get sympathy from everyone. This is due to the fact that she doesn’t have any children. On the other hand, she rents or borrows children from anyone to post them on her Instagram Id. In fact, the face of the baby in multiple pictures was very hard to recognize.  

As per the reports, the email was sent by an anonymous sender. There was a phony mail address “fakebaby@amberheardnet.” there was another pro-Depp advocate, with the e-mail’s last URL giving it to the ThatUmbrellaGuy. This email suggests that the email’s sender is someone. It is linked to the account above. 

Why are there allegations against Amber Heard?

As per the email from ThatUmbrellaGuy or any person connected to the user, the latest Instagram pictures of Amber’s child do not match the older photos uploaded. As per the mail it stated, that citizens in this town considered that she sold her embryos. This was because Elon was one parent and they were on allegations from a ‘coveted gene pool’ or something like that. Although, I can tell you that she does not travel or live all the time with a kid. It is just for the sake of pictures.   

Shreds of evidence that supports the claims of Amber Heard

For the first time the actress, Amber Heard has been filed allegations against since the slandering trial between Depp and Heard. All the statements provided by the witnesses should be given and considered that it can contain little salt in it. As the source of the statement doesn’t possess any evidence.