VIDEO: Amber Heard again gets trolled for her alleged ‘Charity Scam’ 

Amber Heard


After she was caught lying about donating her $7 million divorce settlement to charity during the defamation trial, Amber heard explained what happened during that time when Savannah Guthrie interviewed the actress about the same. Amber Heard’s first public appearance 

Amber spoke with the Today show which was her first public appearance after she lost the defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The interviewer, whose husband worked as a consultant for Johnny Depp’s legal team, questioned Amber about the donations and she said that she has made a pledge which is made over time by their very nature.

During the interview, Amber went on to confirm that she still intends to keep her promise but then the journalist questioned the trustworthiness of The Aquaman actress. 

Amber’s stance 

She was further pushed by the interviewer on the same subject and she states that the people believed donation was complete after the mere announcement of it and not a single person believed that she has “promised” to do it so she will eventually do it. The journalist then asked her about her feelings when she was apparently caught lying about the donations.

The Aquaman Actress’ pledge has attracted the eyes of the netizens 

When the actress justified her reasons of not yet contributing the money to the charity, it was clear that she still has not paid a single penny to the charity and the same was also testified by the ACLU.

ACLU’s Testification

 They did not receive any money from the actress since her 2019 trial due to the financial issues that the actress faced. The actress earlier said that the money she received from her very famous divorce settlement with Johnny Depp was equally donated to ACLU and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. She was also seen using the words ‘pledged’ and ‘donated’ synonymously during the trial when Johnny Depp’s attorney Camila Vasquez asked her about the donations.