All the details about the Adeles’ Las Vegas Concert 2022 Weekends with Adele

Adele’ Las Vegas 2022

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You all will be very glad to know that your all-time favorite musician Adele is coming up with a concert of her own, titled Weekends with Adele. We are quite sure that your calendars might be looking all messy thanks to you marking the dates on it about which of your favorite artist is coming where for which of their tours, well you wouldn’t mind making it a bit dirtier would you? 

Dates announced for the Adeles’ Las Vegas Concert Weekends with Adele

With so many musicians now traveling all across the globe to be close to their fans after so long gap that was the pandemic, the music band Adele isn’t too far behind, the details about her upcoming concert, and his fans are already very excited.

With what we know as of now, Weekends with Adele will commence on the 18th of November and will carry over all these coming months and over to the next year, continuing till the month of march with the last date of the tour being the 25th of the month.

In total, the concert has about 24 performances of Adele lined up spread across the months of November, December, January, February and finally March when the tour will conclude on the 25th of the month.


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The list of venues for the Weekends with Adele

Now that you have the dates for the music concert Weekends with Adele you might want to know where the shows will be taking place on which dates so you can arrange for yourself to be there. The concert is all set to be hosted at the Caesars Palace at the Colosseum in the city of Las Vegas

Tickets for Weekends with Adele

the tickets for the concert Weekends with Adele on websites like, Ticketmaster, Stub Hub, Seat geek, etc, a pre sale is already in progress on ticketmaster.