All the details about Pink Venom, the new song of Black Pink, release date, time

BLACKPINK New Song ‘Pink Venom

Credit: Instagram/blackpinkofficial

The famous South Korean girl music band Black Pink is now all set to make their return and bust the charts again, with their new song, titled Pink Venom, is about to drop soon and their fans are very excited, the members of the band Black Pink, that includes the girls Jisso, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, shared a new video of the teaser of their upcoming single Pink Venom on their official handles on the various platforms of social media, the band revealed the title of their upcoming song, the fans of the music group all around the world, who title themselves as BLINK, are all very excited, YG Entertainment, the agency that manages the music group Black Pink, through their official handle on the microblogging platform of Twitter, to share the details of the new upcoming track of the band, titled Pink Venom, they also shared the poster of the song and revealed to the public that the song is now available for the Pre Saves.

The dates and time of the release of the Pink Venom, the new song of Black Pink

Now that you know that the new song of the famous South Korean Girl’s Music band Black Pink, which is titled Pink Venom, you will want to know the release date of the song, from the poster that was shared by the official account of the agency that manages the music band, YG management revealed that the song will drop on the 19th of august of this year, the song is titled as the Pink Venom and it even has the support from the official account of the movie venom, it is also made known to the public roughly around 2 to 3 weeks back, that there will soon be a concert of the Black Pink that will happen in the month of October.