After Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok also introduces animated Avatars for users 

tiktok avators

TikTok Avatar is a new filter created by TikTok that makes animated characters that fit your mood. You may now start blogging without revealing your real name. The TikTok Avatars, which were revealed on Thursday, are similar in design and functionality to Apple’s Memoji. The feature analyzes your facial expressions and overlays them with an animated avatar that replicates your movements using the camera on your phone. You may then utilize this virtual puppet to make movies, allowing it to stand in for you where you’d otherwise have to expose your tired face to the public.

What are TikTok’s “Custom Animated Avatars” exactly?

It’s probable that some TikTok users have already started using the “Custom Animated Avatars” feature. For those unfamiliar with this application, it allows users to customize their profile avatar to fit any facial shape, skin tone, hairstyle, and more. All of the options, however, result in an animated image. The avatar feature in social media apps has been popular among internet users for quite a long period of time now. TikTok users, on the other hand, were expecting a quick release of this one. As a consequence, this feature was accessible as early as last week. As a consequence, users may now utilize it to turn their avatars into animated characters.

You may either use one of the two dozen premade avatars or make your own. TikTok gives you an option to change your skin tone, lips, nose, and eyes of your Avatar, as well as add accessories like headgear and jewelry. However, there aren’t many choices, and some of the hairstyles, in particular, appear to be unrealistic and the avatar doesn’t look like what the user wants. TikTok said it will take suggestions and feedback from users to bring our necessary changes and upgrades in the feature.