Adidas ruined Kanye West’s ‘Yeezy Day’. What is Yeezy slide?

Yeezy Day’

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Through an Instagram personal/direct message method Adidas was ripped by Kanye West. it was shredded into pieces after Kanye West stated that logically everything that was done was without his permission. He stated that all the fuss that is going on for Yeezy Day was done without his prior knowledge. Recently, Adidas revealed new merchandise as now they are in a partnership with Kanye West. This happened on 2nd August 2022, which was the 4th annual Yeezy Day. Though we can say that whosoever has created this day is actually full of anger. The rapper star did speak about how the whole concept of Yeezy Day from the year 2019 was done without his prior knowledge.

Kanye West wrote that Adidas created this Yeezy Day without any previous agreement about it. They also come back and forth about the previous version without his information. This was the message that was sent. He also wrote that the business person employed by the company was working without his knowledge. He worked without the rapper’s consent, he further on chose the product’s names and colors without any discussion with Kanye. 

The rapper then continued and said the company (Adidas), chose the colors and gave them names of their choice without his knowledge. They also recruited people to work for him and he was not asked to give approval. Material and style method without his approval.  They furthermore brought the talent to the production place without his knowledge. 

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Adidas created vintage looks without the rapper’s consent

However both Adidas and Kanye West have collaborated together on Balenciaga, though the rapper said the company has reduced the production process of shoes. He also said Demma and Kanye were trying to bully Gap though in his contract it’s not compulsory. The agreement showcases he can do casual shoes which he did when he was a part of the fashion show. Even after that, he said the company copied his slides and manufactured their own style of Yeezy slides. He made an allegation that Adidas’s General Manager ‘lied’ to Kanye as they don’t have more production capacity for Yeezy Slides. 

These are the new allegations he made at the business. He furthermore, criticized the disrespect which was shown and also hinted toward the CEO of the business, Kasper Rorstad, in the month of June. He also wrote an open letter to the business magnate same time as a reply to the outrageous Instagram breakout he had.