21 year old TikTok star Tanya Pardazi dies while skydiving 

Tanya Pardazi


In recent news, TikTok fame Tanya pardazi recently met her demise during a solo skydiving experience as she met an accident while she was only twenty, it is worth noticing that this skydiving was the first time she was going all solo, the news shocked her fans and loved ones alike, they all are left heartbroken at the news of the demise of their favorite TikTok star Tanya pardazi, what is sad is the fact that she was as young as 21, she had been quite famous on the platform of TikTok and was loved by many.

Who was Tanya Pardazi?

Tanya Pardazi, apart from being a sensation on the social media platforms like TikTok, was a student at the university of Toronto where she was studying a course of philosophy, her life on social media had been one of fame, her account on the platform TikTok had a following of about 100k and her likes were well over a million, as the friends close to her remember her on this sad day, they talk about how she was loving and sweet and had a deep understanding of life and that she had a nature of adventure and daring who always wanted to try new things in her life.


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How did tanya pardazi die?

Thanks to her adventurous outlook towards life, she was always looking on to try new things, one of the things that she tried would become fatal for her, tanya pardazi always enjoyed skydiving, this time she decided to try her hand at it all alone for the first time, this was when her fate was sealed, on the 27th of august, she had gone for a sky diving session and she was going to do it solo for the first time, as it is being claimed in the reports, tanya had delayed in opening her parachute, this delay caused an accident in which she sustained fatal wounds and died soon.