Why must you not do dishes during thunder storm?

 Doing dishes is one of the thing that you should postpone during thunder storm

dishes thunder storm

We all have heard how dangerous it could be being outside during thunder storm. But you might not aware about certain things that need to be postpone not only outside of your home but inside as well if there’s a thunder storm going on and truly you must take it seriously. First thing that we must immediately head inside when thunder storm breaks loose outside. We must not supposed to touch any iron material like iron railing of our balcony, iron gate outside our home, iron pole and iron made gardening machine standing in the garden during a thunder storm, because we might get shock. But what are those things that you are not supposed to do inside? Doing Dishes and taking shower. Yes it’s true that showering and wwashing dishes during thunder storm is a really bad idea and unsafe too.

Although the flashes of thunderstorm looks fascinating and thunder storm looks exciting but it  can also be very dangerous and can cause lot of damage to property, animals and persons coming in contact. What makes it dangerous even when we are at home?


Root Cause: Lightening

How lightening can effect and shocks you while showering and doing dishes in thunder storm time? Reality is that when a bolt of lightning hits any building or house even which is protected against severe weather condition, it can travel through wires and metal pipes used in plumbing system of building or house, and can shock any person who comes in contact with a faucet or appliances.  Even this is the known fact that current flows easily through metal pipes and water contain lot of impurities which helps conducting electricity, making the risk higher. That’s why it is always advisable to avoid washing dishes during thunder storm. 

A well-known expert, John Jensenius explains that when it comes to weather safety you must need to stay inside away from anything that can conduct electricity. Certainly it would be dangerous to wash hand, showering and washing dishes. Just avoid these things whenever you hear about thunder.

At time when storm is raging outside, you can sit comfortably on sofa and read your favorite novel and book. Dishes can be done later. As it is better to be safe than being Sorry!

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