Warner Bros to scrap Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Hunt in an effort to cut costs 

Batgirl, Scoob

Batgirl & Scoob! Sequel Axed By Warner Bros(Photo Credit–Still From Movie)

Fans of the batman universe and his extended family are in for sad news, it appears, in a bid to cut costs and save funds, the film studio Warner Bros has decided to scrap a few of its films that were supposed to be dropping in the coming feature, the names of the canceled films are the Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Hunt, what hurts even is the fact that the DC movie had finished its production, which had already taken around 80 million, but to follow the covid protocols while release, the budget was going up and out of hand, so the leadership at the Warner Bros Studios, which recently went under a change, decided to cancel these films altogether in a bid to cut costs and save money.

The reasons for canceling Batgirl and Scoob: Holiday Hunt 

Recently there was a change in the top positions of the Warner Bros Studios, the newly appointed David Zaslav, who is now at the helm of affairs of the warner bros studios, has decreed that the now the focus of the studio will be creating some films that will be fixed for theatre release, the studio will focus less on the content made for the release on OTT platforms, although it might seem that the budget of the batgirl is significant when compared to the budget for the DC film the Batman that had hit the theatres in the month of march, earlier this year, it had a budget of around 185 million dollars, but the fact remains that the movie batgirl, which stars the batman from the 1980s, Micheal Keaton, who had played the legendary role of batman, who will be appearing in the movie flash.    

Who was the cast of batgirl?

it will be very interesting to know that the Leslie Grace, who had made her name and had rose to from the In the heights, she would have been the first woman of latin origins to play the role of the superheroine and vigilante batgirl.