The actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin got blessed with a baby girl.

The actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin got blessed with a baby girl.

Credit: People

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin welcomed a baby girl into their family, they named the baby “Ilaria Catalina Irena” the name is derived from her mother’s real name Hilary Lynn Hayward-Thomas later than she opts for the Spanish pronunciation of her name, to reach more masses.

Hilaria Baldwin posts a picture of herself with her newborn daughter to celebrate the joy with the public.

On September 22, the seventh edition of the Baldwin family was introduced to the world, after some time the mother of the baby Hilaria Baldwin uploaded a photo of herself with the newborn baby and captioned it “ she’s here introducing you to our dream which comes true, we all are so excited to welcome her to our home and family.

The struggle behind having the seventh child.

The couple tied their knot in 2012 when Hilaria was only 28 years old while the American actor was crossing 54, Hilaria is a very well-known Yoga instructor, whereas, on the other hand, Alec is a very well-known actor. 

After the marriage, the couple was blessed with four children, but while trying for the fifth one Hilaria faced a lot of miscarriages which leads her to go for surrogacy which came with twins as a result.

Although it’s a very happy and memorable time for the couple as they got to live their dream in real by God’s grace. But everything is not normal yet as Baldwin still going through the investigation for the death of  the cinematographer of his film “Rust” 

Is Alec Baldwin involved in the murder case of Halyna Hutchins the cinematographer of the film “Rust”

According to the interrogation, Baldwin tried his best not to fire the gun but unfortunately, the gun misfired and tragically killed Halyna Hutchins, after this, no case was filed against Baldwin as the medical examiner declared the whole scene an accident, although the investigation is still going on let’s see what happen next.