Rachel Zegler’s scariest week in her life.

Fox News Rachel Zegler reveals breast cancer

Actress Rachel Zegler revealed she had a biopsy procedure at 19 to remove a lump from her breast. Raymond Hall/GC Images

Rachel Zegler is known for her work in “The West side Story”, and recently used social media to tell everyone about the phase she has gone through in the past.

Rachel Zegler talks about her cancer diagnosis and treatment on social media.

Recently, “The west side story” actress Rachel Zegler publicly speaks about the most traumatic week of her life.

On the weekend the 21-year-old actress posted a story on her Instagram account telling about a biopsy procedure she had in her early 20s, in the image she also shows a scar of her. Via the post, she said that.

Two years ago I had a lump on my breast, which makes me so tense that even before the reports I just start going through anxiety and depression

the dangerous disease arrived while the whole world was fighting the pandemic.

The actress said that no one was getting any kind of treatment due to the pandemic but I was lucky I got my pediatrician, who recommend an ultrasound after which I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it was an early stage thankfully she added in her post.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer around the world, if we only talk about America, according to the Centre for disease control and prevention, in 2019 more than 264,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer out of which 42,000 women died of the disease.

Rachel Zegler openly talks about her physical and mental health.

Rachel Zegler who recently become the youngest recipient of the Golden Globe award for best actress,  Rachel attained this success at the age of 20 after her picture “the west side story” became critically ha it.

The actress came publicly on the social media platform and said I am Rachel Zegler I do suffer from anxiety and depression, I am trying to figure out something to get on the ground and be normal.