How Jeff Goldblum got astonished by wife Emilie Livingston at first meeting?

Jeff and Emilie the two opposite people become friends at gym and later partners in life.


Jeff Goldblum & Emilie Livingston


Emilie Livingston, more popularly known as the first wife of Jeff Goldblum is actually a Canadian contortionist, aerialist, and dancer. She has also represented Canada in the ‘Olympics’ as a skilled rhythmic gymnast. She was born and raised in the province of Ontario, Canada. Her mother encouraged her to participate in athletic sports as a child, such as dance and gymnastics. She began dance training when she was two years old. She had begun gymnastics and ballet training when she was six years old. She relocated to Russia as a child to continue her training with world-renowned coaches.


Emilie Livingston on stage National Championship

The Viraler

She became the Canadian national champion three times after starting professional gymnastics and earned the gold medal at the ‘Pan American Games’ in 1999. She developed her acting talents by enrolling in Los Angeles‘ ‘American Academy of Dramatic Arts.’ She also acted as a body double for musicians like Rihanna and Emma Stone in a few films and music videos. She married Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum in 2014 after dating him for a few years.


Emilie Livingston


Emilie Livingston has battled body image issues for nearly her whole life. She was short and frail at first, and she didn’t appear to be in good shape. She did, however, prove her worth by winning the Canadian national championship three times.


Jeff & Emilie together at gym or beach


She met Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum at a gym and the two quickly became friends. Jeff asked her to one of his jazz shows at the ‘Rockwell’ in Los Angeles. There, he asked her to do a dance routine like Michelle Pfeiffer did in a scene from the film “The Fabulous Baker Boys.” Emilie enthralled everyone, including Jeff, by performing the dance on top of a piano.


Jeff & Emilie together with kids

Jeff was a two-time divorcee who was known for dating significantly younger ladies. Jeff and Emilie married in November 2014 after dating for a few years. They both had two children together, Charlie Ocean was born in July 2015, and River Joe was born in April 2017.