George Clooney And Julia Roberts Took 6 Months For A Single Perfect Take For Their’s Upcoming Film “ticket To Paradise”

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Recently George Clooney and Julia Robert’s revealed how they take more than 80 takes just to shoot a kissing scene yes you heard right when George told this to his wife she was like what the heck is such a good actor how can you do that they just revealed that they were laughing in 79 scenes and kissed in the 80th one .

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Julia Roberts And George Clooney Going To Get Together After A Long Time.

Robert and George are going to work together after six-year on a romantic comedy “ticket to Paradise” also it’s George’s first rom-com in his 20-year-long career time.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, he just told the outlet that I never had done a rom-com yet because I never wanted to I can do only those which I want to do like “nothing hill” with a level of writing my best friend Wedding I also want to do a rom-com but it was not there until this movie I just did with wrote and directed by OL Parker.

In this film, Robert and George are shown. As two divorced parents who unite to stop their daughter from marrying a guy, she just met.

George Clooney thinks that it is ok to be late but still the essence of the movie is there, he also thinks that the delay is caused by him but later accepted both we’re not able to do it now the audience is looking for the booking getting open as they want to see the chemistry again after so long.

So for fans tickets to Paradise are going to be premiered on October 21 fans can go and watch or wait to come on Peacock, 1 month the film is directed by OL PARKER who is known for his work in pictures like “Mamma mia!! Here we go again.

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