Emily Blunt joins the cast of the upcoming movie of Ryan Gosling, the fall guy 

Emily Blunt joins the cast of the upcoming movie of Ryan Gosling

It appears that the actress Emily Blunt has joined the cast of the new movie starring Ryan Gosling in the lead, the movie is titled fall guy, which is based on a popular tv series from the era of the 80s, although many of the details about the movie are still unknown to us and the creators of the movie are still keeping things under wraps, although we know that the 1980s series starred Lee Majors in the lead role, who was a stuntman also moonlighting as a bounty hunter to make ends meet for his family.

Emily Blunt is to be featured in the fall guy 

It appears, for the upcoming film by the Universal studios, fall guy, which has Ryan Gosling, who was last seen in the movie the Gray man, has now been joined by the beautiful Hollywood actress Emily Blunt, the movie is helmed by David Leitch, who had served as the director in the movie bullet train as well, the movie draws its inspiration from the hit series of the era of the 80s, both the projects share their titles, although the series followed the life of a Hollywood stuntman who doubled as a bounty hunter to gain some extra money, this character was played by Lee Majors, the plot of the upcoming movie is something that the creators are still holding close to their chest, the writing for the film is in the hands of Drew Pearce, who had also worked with David in the film Hobbs and Shaw of the fast and furious series under the banner of Universal Pictures.


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The story of the Fall guy

While the details for the plot of the movie are still not revealed to the public, we are guessing that the story will be inspired by the series from the 80s of the same name, Lee majors had played a lead role in the series, stepping into the shoes of a man who was a stuntman in Hollywood by day, and a bounty hunter by night, assisted by his cousin and stuntman in training.