Dwayne Johnson praises Brendan Fraser for his great performance in his new film-:THE WHALE

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Brendan got tears of happiness in his eyes after seeing hearing the heavy applauding from the theatre which shows how good his new film ls-:The whale is performing 

Dwayne Johnson(the rock) is a man with a golden heart before this new career he uses to break people but now he is breaking the myth by his superior way of crafting 

He is also so down-to-earth that he tweeted about Brendan Fraser’s great performance in his tweet he wrote that man it makes me so happy to see how people shredding their love on you. Dwayne Johnson also mentions how Brendan Fraser, gives him a chance in the role with him in “mummy returns” which kicks off his Hollywood career 

Brendan Fraser got a 6-minute-long standing ovation at “THE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL” 

Last Sunday in New York at John F. Kennedy International Airport a heavy buzz was created by the media to cover Darren Aronofsky’s film, The whale people loved Fraser as Charlie in the film  he even got a 6-minute-long standing ovation while the Premier which eventually makes him emotional.

Johnson also tweeted about it even after 20 years of his first meeting with Brendan he mentioned how because of Brendan he got mummy returns which kick-started his career and also become one of the highest grossing films of his career with a total collection of $435 million at the box office with a $98 million budget.

Brendan Fraser came into the spotlight after years

Fraser last hit was “Encino man” which was released years ago after that Fraser has to go through a lot of physical and mental trauma also. He has gone through a lot of surgery due to his demand of performing his stunt on his own. 

But now as the whale comes as a ray of light in the dark Fraser is believing that his career will be revived and its confirm as the audience is loving Charlie (Fraser) Fraser can’t go out of the theatre because audience applause stops him.

Dwayne Johnson praises Brendan Fraser’s

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Fraser shows his regard while a pre-show interview

In a pre-show interview, Fraser tells how grateful he is to the audience for their warm and welcoming reactions he also told that he is still amazed that how deep an impact this film has made on people and him too he said this in an interview with The New York Times.

He also told that how to maintain carry character sometimes he has to carry more than 300-pound weight Charlie is a kind of role played by Samuel D hunter in “off-Broadway” in 2012

Fraser also learnt a new walk for Charlie he said this walk takes me to a new path that I was surprised he said this is his first leading role after a decade his last leading role was in “Mummy Returns” he address The whale as his major comeback 

He also looks excited about future projects let’s see what happens will he be able to carry the charm again?