Caroline Fentress: Chris O’Donnell’s Wife, who is she?

Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress were neighbors and shared an instant connection

Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress

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A well-known actor and model of America, Chris O’Donnell falls in love in his real life like a movie scene. Andrew, his wife’s brother, introduced Chris O’Donnell to Caroline Fentress. He used to reside in the same building as Fentress’ brother, and they ran into each other when she came over to visit. During her stay, O’Donnell claims he and Fentress kissed. There was an instant connection between them. The timing, however, did not work out.

Young image of Caroline and Chris

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So far, O’Donnell’s wife, an elementary school teacher, has two acting credits. In the 2002 television film Sunday, Fentress made her acting debut. She plays a brief part as a lady searching for her kid. Caroline Fentress made her NCIS: Los Angeles debut in season 7, episode 4 in 2015. She portrayed Laura in the episode “Command & Control.” She also narrated the 2009 documentary Angel Dust.

Chris ODonnell family

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Chris O’Donnell and Fentress are the parents of five children (Lilly Ann, Christopher Eugene, Charles McHugh, Finley, and Maeve Frances). The NCIS: Los Angeles star says he loves his family but having everyone at home during the COVID-19 outbreak may be difficult.

“When COVID hit, everyone came home from school, so we had all five in the house,” O’Donnell explains in an interview.

“It was fantastic,” he added. “On the one hand, it was good that we had more family meals in two or three months than we had in prior years, but you realize at a certain point that college-age kids aren’t supposed to be home with their parents all the time.” It isn’t natural.”