All the details about the fourth season of the ‘Virgin River’ 

Credit: Netflix

In recent news, the Virgin River series is all set to return on the video streaming service Netflix with a fourth season and the fans are already very excited about it, for the fans of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights will have a feast for this show, the talented cast of character also enhances the magic.

Even before the third season of Virgin River went on air on the 9th of July of the previous year, Netflix had already renewed the show for a fourth season meaning that the series enjoys wide popularity among the audience, not to mention, the production of the fifth season is all set to begin near the end of Spring

The series on Netflix Virgin river quickly got a huge following among the viewers of Netflix, it follows a nurse who leaves the hustle bustle, and fast lifestyle of Los Angeles and starts a new life in the quiet and peaceful small town of Virgin River, the town is calm, quiet and peaceful, but beyond this serene façade of the serene and peaceful looking place, there is a small town drama running to catch up.

The release date for the fourth season of Virgin River

The series Virgin River is all set to return with a fourth season on Netflix, the fourth season airs on the 20th of July in the united states and the united kingdom, the fourth and fifth seasons of the Virgin River series were renewed together during the September of the previous year, while the fourth season will be available for viewing in over a week, the fifth season is yet to enter production phase.

The cast for the fourth season of the Virgin River Series

Breckenridge and Henderson, who had been in prominent roles in the third season of the Virgin River series, will reprise their roles in the fourth season as well, although the character Lilly, played by Lynda Boyd wont be returning since according to the previous season Lilly was killed off. 

Credit: Netflix