All the details about the fifth season of Grow-ish, release dates, plot, cast

Grown-ish’ Season 5

If you are looking for some fun and comedy series to help you pass the time in this heat, then you would be glad to know that the sit-com show Grown-ish is all set to return with its fifth season, the humorous show from Freeform has had 4 successful and hit seasons in its record which were loved by the audience, whether you are a regular watcher of the show Grow-ish or someone new who is probably wondering what the show is all about, don’t worry, we have all the details for you.

The release date for the fifth season of Grow-ish

 Since the day the first episode of the first season of Grow-ish dropped, it has enjoyed the praise, support, and love from the audience, that’s what has got the series go on for 4 seasons, and now that the fifth season is about to be released, the fans of the show are really excited.

The fifth season of Growth is all set to premiere on the 20th of July, at 10 PM ET/PT, however, we were treated with the trailer only earlier this month, yes the trailer for the fifth season of Grow-ish dropped on the 6th of July.


The cast for the fifth season of Grow-ish 

As of what we know already,we can confirm that Yara Shahidi will be returning to play the role Zoey Johnson, Trevor Jackson will be seen in the role of Aaron Jackson, Diggy Simpsons is casted as Douglas Frederick Edwards while Deon Cole will be seen as professor Telpy, we also have Marcus Scriber as Andre and Tara Raani will be seen as Zara.  


The plot of the fifth season of Grow-ish 

The fourth season of the show Grow-ish showcased many of the members of the friends group graduating and moving ahead in life, we are guessing that a new storyline will be introduced in the show.