Mike Season 1 Release Date: All the details about season one of Mike on Hulu

Hulu Mike Season 1 Release Date

In recent news we got to know that the first season of the biopic series, Mike, based on the life of the famous boxer Mike Tyson, will drop soon on the streaming service of Hulu, if you have had any liking for the productions like Pam and Tommy, I, Tonya and the Dropout then we can make an easy guess that you will really like the upcoming show inspired by the life of the legendary boxer mike Tyson on hulu.

The first season of the show will be covering the early life of mike Tyson and how he made a name for himself and got recognized in the world of boxing, the creators of the show are Steven Rogers and the I, with the banner of Tonya creation group all working together to bring out this masterpiece to you based on the life of one of the most loved boxers of his era, Mike Tyson, Karan Gist is also known to be one of the show runners for the bio pic series, she is best known for her TV serial Our Kind of People. Actor trevante Rhoades will be stepping in for the role of the legendary boxer and the show will go on to document his life with all its obstacles and successes.

The date of release for season one of Mike on Hulu

For those who had been invested in the career of Mike Tyson and are interested in the world of combat sports like boxing, the their long wait for this series is now slowly coming to an end as the first season of the show Mike will be dropping on the platform of Hulu on the 25th of August of this year, the series will have a total of 8 episodes that will be released in two different phases on two different platforms.