Keep Breathing: All the details about keep breathing, release date, cast, plot 

Keep Breathing

Image via Netflix

If you are looking for something thrilling and exciting to watch, then the Keep breathing movie releasing very soon on the video streaming Service Netflix if you have no idea what is the movie about, when is it releasing, who will be playing what roles, then don’t you worry, we have all the details about the movie keep breathing.

The release date for Keep breathing on Netflix 

If you feel that the recent dramas that have been released here and there lacked some polish and were not so exciting, then we can assure you that you will find no complaints with Keep Breathing, it’s very thrilling and is full of suspense. As of what we know already, the movie keeps breathing and is all set to release on the video streaming service Netflix on the 28th of July, which translates into roughly the month end.

Keep Breathing 2

Image via Netflix

The cast of the movie keeps breathing

This movie that will be premiering on Netflix on the 28th of July does not have a very large cast, but a small number of talented individuals portraying the characters, Melissa Barrera is all set to play the protagonist Liv who is an attorney, Florencia Lozano will be seen playing the mother of Liv while Juan Pablo will be assuming the role of the father, Jeff Willbush will be playing Danny and Austin Stowell will be playing an aviator.

The plot of the movie keep breathing

The storyline of the upcoming netflix movie is looking very interesting and thrilling, as featured in the trailer, when the plane carrying Liv and others crashes in a lake in the middle of a forest, they are faced with a variety of obstacles and challenges in order to survive the nature that surrounds them, it would be a very interesting movie to watch on a weekend.