All details for the Star Wars the Bad Batch season 2 confirmed, plot details, release date

Star Wars the bad watch

Credit: Disney+

The success of the first season of star wars the bad batch has given Disney the green signal to move ahead and bring the second season of star wars the bad batch. The show serves as very refined link between the two trilogies of the different eras, the prequels and the original trilogies, the bad batch also explored the point of views of a different set of characters during the destruction of the Galactic Republic as the Sith take over the galaxy, it will be very interesting to see the return of our favorite characters like Hunter, Crosshairs, etc

Release date for Star Wars the Bad Batch season 2

The glance at the original posters for the second season of Star Wars the bad batch tells us that the show will return in the fall of 2022, but recently the trailer of star wars the bad batch dropped and Disney confirmed that the second season will premiere on the 28th of September of this year and will consist of 16 episodes following a weekly release on every Wednesday, it is very probable that that the release of other star wars shows like Andor, which will follow Captain Casian Andor of the resistance and Star Wars tales of the Jedi.

This star wars show, like all others since the takeover of Disney will be an exclusive.

Cast for Star Wars bad batch

The talent involved in providing the voice acting is not a very large one, since all the five team members in the bad batch are clones of a single person, they are played by one single man, Dee Bradley Baker, though the man is supremely skilled as he is able to create unique vocal patterns for each member of the team making them deeper and interesting, the only female clone omega is played by michelle Ang and Rhea Pelman is coming back for her role as good mother Cid.

The plot of the bad batch

The first season of the bad batch was very effective in laying down the structure of the story and establish the characters, it also has given a lot of premises for other characters like captain rex and commander cody, Season one ended with the new born Empire removing the clone troops from its military, we are left uncertain about the fates of some characters and we also expect new ones to make appearance