All details for Solar Opposite’s third season, from release dates, plot

Solar Opposites’ Season 3

Credit: Hulu

There have been multiple forms of media that featured the ideas of Aliens, and although few in the list ever tried to give a humorous perspective, Hulu’s sci-fi original Solar Opposites returns with a third season to do exactly that.

When the first season dropped in the month of May of 2022 made a sensation among the audience and quickly earned its name in the list of the streaming service’s best-performing shows of all time in regards to a number of viewers and reviews from critics.

The sci-fi show revolves around the family of an alien species who has escaped the obliteration of their home planet, the family consists of Korvo and Terry, their two younger selves, Jesse and Yumyulack, and also they have a baby called the pupa, a story runs parallel to the Alien family of a group of people trapped in the wall.

Dates announced for Solar Opposites season 3

The third season of Solar Opposites is all set to arrive on the 13th of July, made by Mike Roiland and Mike McMahan who’ve been behind the shows like Rick and Morty and Star trek lower decks, Roiland, apart from being a writer on board, is also the member of the cast.


Not following the pattern of the previous two seasons which only had 8 episodes each, the third season will have 12 episodes, for the binge-watchers among you, there is good news as all the episodes will be released at the same time and it has already confirmed that there will be fourth season right on the heels of the third one.

Credit: Hulu

Plot of the Solar Opposites third season 

The third season will see the characters as they attempt to form a family, but as all families go, they bicker and are more or less loggerheads with each other as the aliens try to settle and adapt to the lifestyle of the human planet.

The trailer of the third season of Solar Opposites promises to build on the previous seasons and be even more entertaining and fun.