All details about Dune part 2, plot, release date, cast

Dune Part 2

Credit: Warner Bros

Its Christmas already for sci-fi fans since the sequel for the epic Oscar-winning film Dune is all set to arrive next year, Dune was an action sci fi movie based on the novels of the same name by Frank Herberts, so you all are already jumping at the news but don’t all the details yet, then worry not, we’ve got you all covered.

The release date for Dune part two


Having won an Oscar for the first film, the sci-fi series of Dune is all set to return with a sequel on the 17th of November of 2023, although the release was scheduled for the 23rd of October of 2022, it was pushed for reasons still unknown.

Dune part 2 cast

The first part of the Dune Series made a whopping 400 million $ and managed to win as many as 6 Oscars, and only half the story of the first book was told, the movie featured a very ensemble cast

Which included veterans like Oscar Issac, Stellan Skarsgard along with younger faces like Zendaya, Timothee Chamlet and Jason Momoa in the main roles.

Plot line for Dune part two

With half of the book being covered in the first Dune movie, with the planet Arakis in turmoil as house Atredies fights to the tooth against their enemies and the emperor who has abandoned their side, although we are expecting that the movie will stick too much to its source material and take some creative liberties to keep the pace.